Normal/Safe GPU Temperature While Gaming – Effective Ways

by Daniel J.

Safe GPU temperature is a static capacity of heat that your graphics card unit can take. Nowadays graphics card unit has owned a lot of popularity in the computer gaming industry because of its advanced game and video displaying technologies. There are many GPUs in the market with different operating qualities, which heat to varying temperatures as they depend on the resolution of your monitor, quality of the game, and GPU’s processing power needed.

These GPU models perform at a certain time when they have commanded. So this pressure influences its temperature. This temperature rises from 40-85° at several conditions while playing with their standard processing power, which is safe as these GPUs are made with average heat capacity from 60-90°C.

Sometimes the GPU becomes excessively heated due to workload that can damage your computers other parts along with the GPU itself. See some GPUs for 144hz if you need for your gaming rig.

What’s The Safe GPU Temperature While Gaming?

The safe temperature for any GPU has never been calculated as there is no way to know when your GPU might start having performance issues because of heating.

An average GPU temperature can go from 60°C to 80°C, depending on its brand or quality and its use. But some GPU is capable of adjusting with high temperatures of up to 95°C for a long time. You should keep your GPU safe by monitoring your temperature and keeping it below 60-70°C and turn on the cooling fan when it reaches this point. You can also put it off to rest for a while and cool down if you don’t have any cooling fan to avoid any circumstances.

Ways To Track The GPU Temperature While Gaming

Excessive GPU heating issues can create a lot of hardware problems and cause a lot of damage, which can only be prevented if you keep on optimizing your GPU. You can optimize your GPU through a GPU monitor on your computer. Windows 7 and Windows 10 do not have a built-in GPU monitor. You can monitor your graphics card performance from the NVIDIA control panel and AMD control monitor if you are using NVIDIA or AMD graphics card.

If you are using many other factors graphics card, you can also use several computer programs like MSI- afterburner, CPUID GPU-Z, speccy. It can collect data from your GPU sensor and display them on your monitor along with the temperature.

You can use ‘BIOS’ if none of these programs is available for you. BIOS is also a reliable program as you can check your GPU temperature and other conditions with temperature limit settings. If you put a temperature limit on your GPU through BIOS, it will auto shut down if the GPU is overheating. You can also know that your GPU is malfunctioning due to overheating if the fans are making loud noises like engines or if there is no sound at all, which means that the GPU has stopped working.

How to Keep Normal GPU Temperature

How to Keep Normal GPU Temperature?

If your GPU is heating consistently, then there are some methods that you can use to cool down your GPU for which you have to know what is causing your GPU to overheat. Also, you can do under-clocking your GPU.

Main factors of excessive GPU temperature are:

  • Dust on your device
  • Poor cable management
  • Unstructured computer case that restricts airflow
  • Using cheap quality thermal paste
  • Insufficient cooling fans
  • A warm environment that boosts the heating

This problem can be solved by following these proper methods:

#1 Cleaning Dust Regularly

You should clean dust from your computer at least once a month by opening the computer case and using compressed air to blow the dust softly from the devices without any harm.

#2 Adjust Organising Structure For Proper Cable Management

You should keep in mind to manage cables accordingly so that it does not prevent air from flowing when adjusting all the devices in place.

#3 Choosing Computer Case Wisely

You should choose a computer case that provides enough space for flowing air in and out, along with gaps among devices inside the computer case. It would be best if you kept lookout about the restrictions airflow might have and find a solution and re-organize.

#4 Using Good quality Thermal Paste

Thermal paste might rot away in high temperature if you use a poor quality thermal paste.

#5 Install Cooling Fans

You can install three or four cooling fans in your GPU to cool down the temperature and adjust them to the most effective airflow places. The fans must be adjusted to blow cool air inside the processor and exhale warm air out.

#6 Select Suitable Environment

The environment is a great fact for excessive heating issues if you use your computer in a room with a warm ambient temperature that has poor airflow systems to exhale the hot air.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I Keep GPU Fan Running All The Time?

Download programs or check from the control panel when your device is overheating and then turn on the GPU fan. You do not need to keep your fan running when your GPU is idling without any massive heating issues.

Is 70-75°C Safe For Your GPU?

70-75°C is not too hot for your GPU, but it is warm enough when your GPU reaches a point of heating, and it keeps increasing as you are playing games for hours. You should shut down your device for a few minutes if it reaches this point.

Which Temperature Is Not Safe For GPU?

A bad GPU temperature starts from 90°C, which is not safe for your GPU as it starts to overheat from here when you keep using it for a long time.

What Happens When GPU Exceeds 80°C Temperature?

If your GPU exceeds more than 80°C, then running games or software would start to crash or stand idle even though you haven’t set any temperature limits.

What Is The Average Safe GPU Temperature For Gaming?

Average safe GPU temperature should remain between 65-75°C while gaming, which can be extended to up to 85°C if you are using an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card as they are well capable of performing in high temperature.


From the discussion, we are assured that maintaining a normal GPU temperature is very important. You can follow the above steps and find suitable cooling fans for your GPU to get the best performance and efficiency of your devices. Also, try to buy a specific gaming GPU for playing Wow, LOL and more games.

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